Webmaster Tracy Dupuis Roland

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Ever since I was a child, I found art to be my way of responding to the world. Words do not come easy; I prefer to express my innermost thoughts with colors, shapes and textures.

Through my art I seek to express life's journey in all of its fullness. From the extremes of beauty, innocence and courage to pain, depravity and cruelty, these are experiences we all share in our common humanity.

As I layer my threads one thread at a time, I hold these extremes in context. Whether it be hidden or emerging, buried or exposed, I seek to layer these various faces into what I call life's tapestry. My hope is to communicate beauty in all of its phases, invoking the sacred within me and the viewer of my art to find courage to face all that life has to offer.

I encourage you to read my Free Flow statement on my website.