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I was born in a large stone mansion in Michigan, between Chicago and Detroit.  I grew up in the Midwest.  My dad painted.  My mom danced, drank a lot of coffee and loved chocolate!  My life as an artist was determined early on!

 After high school I moved away from home to attend a private design school on a talent scholarship where I majored in Illustration, Graphic Design, and Advertising.

This was an incredible time of growth for me!  So many difficult choices to be made.  How was I going to survive as an artist and female in a turbulent, divided society?  This was during the Vietnam conflict.  Marches, protest, violence.  On a personal level there was heartache and war in the hearts of youth, thinking we were leading the world to peace.  The paintings I create began long ago and even now breathe a longing for a peaceful existence.  They are ignited by fires of memory and painted with something close to joy.