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Hazel grew up in the Columbia Basin desert, in the sprawling metropolis of The Tri-Cities. Though the mindset of her home town was mostly void of artistic cultivation, she found a small oasis of artistic inspiration in the Richland High School Art Department, and fell in love with drawing and painting. Bolstered by the unconditional admiration of her Art Teacher, who had attended Spokane Falls Community College, Hazel took a leap of faith, moved away from her friends and family, and embraced the rich community of artists in the Spokane region. Through her education at SFCC, Hazel was able to learn what it meant to "find your own artistic voice." Hazel developed her own unique style of drawing, and harbors a passion for the power and vibration of color.

Hazel now spends her time drawing with charcoal, painting in acrylics, and finishing with Sharpie or paint pen. Her inspiration comes from the images of her imagination: plants, people, animals, all added together into one dynamic, dream-like conglomerate. Each piece represents her 4th dimensional landscape, derived from the same mind-space used to formulate subconscious thought. Hazel strives to capture dynamic images of the sleep­-filled mind, using bright and happy pastel hues to narrate real aspects of human life experience.