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Little Dog Has Arrived

When sisters Kay West and Melba Slater signed on the dotted line of the lease agreement April 1, 2016—yes, April Fools’ Day--for the space in which to open LITTLE DOG Art Gallery at 903-1/2 W Garland Avenue, that’s all it was … a space. After a mad scramble to remove unwanted slat-board panels, fill holes, paint walls, install track lighting, arrange for window signage, acquire display furniture, all was ready to hang the first show, send out notices and open to the public.


One of the first artists invited to display their art at LITTLE DOG was Tom Quinn, a versatile Spokane studio artist, art instructor, and muralist, who announced that the front entry was begging for a mural. He was right. The front was rather unremarkable. He then volunteered to do it as a gallery warming gift. Such is the big heart of Tom Quinn.


The subject was left up to Tom, and without hesitation he started painting a Cairn Terrier romping through a field of gold, under the promise of a rainbow. A fitting mural for LITTLE DOG, no?


Since the gallery opened, untold numbers of people have asked to have their photographs taken with “Toto” or have stopped snapped a shot on their phone/cameras and walked on.


We are so fortunate to have this friendly little dog at our gallery door. Welcome!