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Richy Sharshan

A newcomer to the Spokane arts community, Richy is a copy writer, creative director and marketing consultant. As owner of Sharshan Creative, she has received numerous ADDY awards over the years for her work in advertising and marketing. A former jewelry designer who worked with Dichroic glass, Richy has not turned her artistic energy to painting.

Her paintings-acrylic on canvas-reflect her own multi-layered persona. She loves the juxtaposition of ornamental elements against gritty backgrounds and believes art should be enjoyed and not taken too seriously. "I like to work in subtle colors, and if I use brighter tones, it's generally a limited palette to keep things harmonious." Richy says every new canvas is an adventure. "I guess I do things backwards. Many artists begin with a reference or idea. I start painting and a concept comes to life. And some of the crazy titles just follow because I can't help myself. After all, I'm a writer by day."

Raised in Minnesota, Richy has lived across the U.S., literally from coast to coast. Since meeting her husband, Randy, in Hawaii and marrying on the grounds of the lolani Palace, the couple has resided in Texas, Utah, Maryland, and finally settled in Spokane, a place they consider to be heaven for a pair of dedicated golfers.

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Email: richypaints@sharshan.com